Children for Change is proud to partner with Epic Farmshop. C4C students work with farmers to bring high quality, healthy produce to people who are food insecure while supporting women and minority owned growers who have been affected by Covid.


Epic Farm Shop and Children for Change are honored to work together to make sure that the beautiful, healthy food that Epic’s network of farmers grow reaches people who are experiencing food insecurity. All donations from this page go directly to Children for Change who in turn works directly with Epic Farmshop to purchase boxes for families in need.

Your donation towards an Epic Farmshop produce box (or more) supports not only the students learning but also the needs of people experiencing food insecurity. Thank you so much for your generous support of this project. Children for Change is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all donations are deductible to the full extent allowable under the law. Our Tax ID number is 81-4336837.




Powered by Children for Change, students in the Food Justice and Food Waste course at White Hill Middle School work directly with Epic Farmshop. To start, students learn about the “wicked equation” - that there is enough food in the world to feed everyone + 1.9 billion people are food insecure ≠ food justice. In working to “solve” the equation, students consider food systems and organizations that affect the equation - distributing food, reducing food waste, and producing food in regenerative ways.




After learning about systems and organizations that positively impact the “wicked equation,” students take action. Children for Change students prepare information to include in Epic Farmshop’s produce boxes: notecards with nutritional information, recipes to accompany the produce selection and hand-drawn illustrations. With the assistance of translators, students interview the growers who provide the produce to Epic Farmshop and then write stories of the farmers’ inspirational path from farm worker to farm owners.




As Children for Change and Epic work together, students learn to advocate for healthy food, reduced food waste (on farms and in their own homes and communities), and support local farmers. Students are creating content for Epic Farmshop’s website, creating a marketing plan to boost sales, and finding ways to encourage donations of Epic’s gorgeous produce boxes to those who are food insecure. Epic is matching all donated boxes with a donated box of their own.

I am proud to work with Epic Farmshop to help bring healthy, nutritious food to people who need help and I also love supporting farmers who work hard every day to produce beautiful fruits and vegetables for people like me."

C4C Student, 6th Grade