Since 2016, Children for Change has been empowering students' innate sense of empathy and scaffolding action, education, and advocacy as students cultivate a much-needed culture of care in their own communities.

Children for Change invites you to join us for the 2020-2021 school year as we meet the urgency of the moment, making the renewed focus on caring for others, racial justice, and equity more than a moment, making it a movement.

Meet the Moment.


After 5+ years of school-based programming, Children for Change is excited to take the C4C program to the next level.  For the first time, C4C is opening its program to students from around the country by offering C4C Community Membership.  We are taking advantage of all that technology can offer to bring together young change-makers to create incredible collective impact at a time when compassion and a culture of care are needed most.

C4C Community Membership bundles our core programming ingredients - Education, Action and Advocacy - inviting families from Marin County, California all the way to New York, NY (and everywhere in between!) to participate in our unique service-learning program.  





• Weekly Live Meetings

• Online Course Materials

• Speaker Series and Workshops

• Opportunities to Engage with Film and Filmmakers

• Resources and Ideas to Extend Learning


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• Opportunities to Volunteer in the Community*

• Service Field Trips*

• Agency in Philanthropy


* Currently only available to families in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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• Youth Advocacy Training Workshops

• Public Speaking Opportunities

• Persuasive Letter Writing Campaigns

• Leadership Development


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“Holden is more engaged in this program than he has been during the past 3 months (of quarantine). I wish you both could be his teacher as this instruction is fantastic. The break out groups and feeling like he is part of a group dynamic is just what he needed. I have been singing your praises…"

- Parent of C4C Camp for Good
(virtual camp, summer 2020)


We are facing unprecedented times in this country, and we all hear the call to action for equity and social justice. Many families are committed to anti-racism but are seeking guidance to identify points of entry and action. In particular, families struggle to find ways to educate and engage their children in the collective movement towards a more equitable and just world for all people. The students of Children for Change voted overwhelmingly to choose Equity and Social Justice as this year’s topic.

Through deep community engagement, carefully scaffolded exploration of various media, engaging activities designed to challenge assumptions, and direct interaction with expert speakers, students will examine justice and inclusion with a bias towards action. We will learn collectively as we actively seek out diverse perspectives and engage in anti-racism, paying close attention to which viewpoints are privileged, sidelined, or omitted. Rooted in justice-seeking advocacy work since its formation, C4C is ready for this challenge and eager to learn from and with young voices as we work together to make a positive impact on our world.

“We should talk about social justice....if not Children for Change, then who?..."

- Addicen (C4C Alumni)

Become a C4C Member

Children for Change offers Family Memberships as well as School Sponsored Memberships. If your school district is not listed below, click on “Family Membership” to register.  To learn more about the Children for Change program and C4C Community Membership, see our Complete Program Details.

“C4C has made me a better person. I have always struggled to make sure I keep a good balance of caring for myself and caring for others. C4C made me realize I didn’t have to worry about that, that if I take care of others I will be taking care of myself."

- Ella, C4C Student since 2016


What is the C4C Community Membership Model?

The C4C Community Membership Model grew out of our 5+ year classroom experience and the unique experiences with online learning during COVID.  For the first time, C4C is opening its programs to students and families from around the country (and beyond!) with a full community model. Simply put, the C4C Community Membership Model allows any family, regardless of school, location or financial means, to be a part of the C4C Community and participate in C4C’s unique programming.

I used to participate in C4C at my school.  Can I still participate?

Yes!  Absolutely.  We hope you will participate!  In years past, individual schools and districts paid to bring the C4C program to their students.  With budget cuts and school priorities shifting to focus on developing distance learning capacity, many schools lost the capacity to bring our C4C program to their families. As a result, we’re shifting to a Community Membership Model such that individual families can continue to participate.  We’ve created a Tiered Pricing Plan allowing anyone who wishes to participate to do so while contributing what they can based on their capacity.  We are committed to including all interested families.  If our tiered pricing does not work for you, please contact us directly at

What do I get with my C4C Community Membership? 

Taking the experience we have gained through our in-person and virtual programming, we are bringing all the elements of our traditional school-based Children for Change program and making it accessible to families nationwide.  C4C Community Membership brings you access to our weekly Zoom meetings (complete with break-out groups to enhance participation and leadership building capacity), access to Members’-Only Community Volunteer Opportunities (Bay Area families only), Advocacy Training and Opportunities, participation in the C4C Summit and so much more.

Who is teaching Children for Change?

C4C will continue to be taught by all the familiar faces - Annelise, Elizabeth, Emily, Christina and Carin.  Weekly Zoom meetings will also include break-out groups with these teachers and our other thoughtful educators, including our youth!  We have an amazing group of C4C alumni who will help teach their peers during this unique time.   AND we’ll also invite guest speakers to our meetings, bringing the experts right into our living rooms.

What is the Children for Change focus-area this year?

This year’s student-chosen C4C topic is Equity and Social Justice.  Our Equity and Social Justice work focuses on collective learning, depth of engagement in community, active seeking out of diverse perspectives, anti-racist behaviors, and stronger relationships.  Students will be provided the tools and opportunities to create and engage in meaningful and needed community projects that extend learning, challenge engagement in the work of equity and social justice, and emphasize mutuality and youth leadership for positive change.

Can I have a free C4C Membership Trial?

We’d be happy to have you join one of our weekly Zoom meetings to see what we’re all about.  Please email us for more information.

Can I join part-way into a semester?  Will the cost be pro-rated?

Absolutely!  Email us and we'd be happy to provide a coupon for a prorated membership if you're joining us part-way through the session.

What if we don’t take full advantage of our membership.  Can we get a refund? 

A C4C Community Member may cancel their membership within 30 days of joining and will receive a full refund less $25 service fee.  Cancellation requests must be made in writing by e-mail.

We would like to join but the meeting times don't work for our family.  Is there still a way for my child to participate?

This is a great question and one that we're trying to address here at C4C Central.  Prior to COVID, our program was in-person at schools during our participating schools' lunchtime period.  We're now trying to program with different time zones and school schedules in mind and it is really difficult!  We're considering recording our meetings but we're working out the details of that, too.  So...we don't really have an answer for you...yet.  Please email us with your preferred days and times and we will take this into account in our future planning.

Can my cousin in Topeka join the C4C Community?

Yes! They can be part of the community too!  This is be our first year expanding outside of Marin so time zones may be a challenge but our Zoom meetings are open for all community members.  The only part of the program which is not feasible at a distance are the local service-learning opportunities with California Bay Area non-profits.

We’re in a Distance Learning-POD (and/or homeschool).  How do we bring C4C to our families?

C4C’s Community Membership is well designed to support your POD. Every family in your POD needs to create their own C4C Membership.  Then, POD members can attend weekly meetings together, engage in collaborative action projects as a team, and volunteer together as a group. You can count on an engaging weekly Zoom meeting to build into your POD schedule, and POD leaders will have access to our online course materials, resources and extension ideas. Our focus on Equity and Social Justice will offer your POD access to important and meaningful exploration that will compliment your school’s core academic program.

We homeschool our children. Would the Community Membership work for us?

Yes! This new program was designed with homeschooling families in mind. The curriculum materials are yours to access and use whenever and however you’d like. The weekly meetings offer homeschooled students a regular connection with peers. And the volunteer opportunities offer curated, scaffolded service learning for your whole family. Furthermore, our focus on leadership and advocacy training allows for motivated young people to truly forge their own unique path through civic action. C4C supports students as they find their own way as change-makers and we have the capacity to be nimble as we take cues from the young people in our program.

What kind of volunteering can C4C members do that is Covid-friendly?

While many of our non-profit partners have shifted their volunteer needs during times of COVID, we are diligently working to curate and cultivate safe volunteer opportunities for our members.  Of course, opportunities during COVID require volunteers to keep social distance and wear masks but lending a hand is lending a hand - masks or not!  Recent volunteer opportunities include packing and distributing food at food pantries, sorting and packing food at the Food Bank, and making “to go” sack meals for those in a homeless situation.

Will Children for Change hold in-person school meetings again?

Like all of us, we at C4C are responding to the guidance from the Marin County Health Department and we are prioritizing safely as our primary concern. We believe our remote program will deliver the same transformative experience as our in-person programs have for the past five years. That said, when we are able to regather in-person, we will shift our program thoughtfully in ways that to best support our mission.

C4C Membership sounds amazing.  How do I join?

Well, fantastic!  We offer Family Membership as well as School Sponsored Membership.  If joining as a Family, visit our community membership pricing to choose a plan that works best for your family.  Then, sign up!  Of course, we are committed to including all interested families.  So, if our tiered pricing does not work for you for any reason, please contact us directly at


“Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into making Children for Change enlightening and engaging."

- Parent of C4C Camp for Good
(virtual camp, summer 2020)