Special Projects

The Grateful Goats Gratitude Campaign

I Gotta Goat! Now What?

1) Click HERE so we can properly track our goats travel. We want to know where the kindest folks in town live!!!:-)
2) Send your goat on his/her way to the next wonderful family of your choosing! Don't forget to write a note of gratitude!

Why Grateful Goats?
Because we have a lot to be grateful for in our community.  Although there's been a lot of negative news recently, we want to celebrate the good!  We think these colorful and creatively decorated goats can be used within our community to spread messages of appreciation in a fun, light-hearted way!

How does it work?
The goats get passed around the community from one family to another and displayed outside residences like yard art. One family who has a goat will select another family whom they appreciate. They’ll write a note of appreciation on the speech bubble sign that accompanies the goat.  For example: “Dear Stan: Thank you for always sharing your garden veggies with us! The Smiths.” Without telling the recipient, the Smiths then go place the goat and the speech bubble sign in Stan’s yard. Stan wakes up to find a grateful goat in his yard and it brings a smile to his face! 🙂 Then he passes the appreciation to the next person/family.

When are we doing this?
November 6th through Thanksgiving and the winter holidays to spread kindness, gratitude and smiles.

How will we know where the goats travel?
People will post their goat spotting with a photo on the C4C FacebookInstagram and/or Twitter pages (be sure to get in there with your goat!). Also tag yourself in the posts and share on your own social media feeds as well! May these goats make you feel loved, appreciated and recognized for all that you do and all that you are! 🙂

Northern California Adopted Fire Families Fundraiser & Drive

C4C Fire Response
Supply Drive & Fundraiser for Our Sponsored Families
The Carreno Family & The Pellegrini Family
An On-Going Effort

Children for Change has put its powerhouse wheel of change in gear to help two families who lost everything in the North Bay Fires. We expect that their needs will change over time, but it is our promise to stay with them as they move through each stage of their recovery.

Help us support these wonderful families as they rebuild their lives.


Their Story:
Daysi and her husband and three kids have lived in the same rental home for the past 10 years in Coffey Park. They had a very low rent which was never raised, as the owner just wanted good people in her home and loved the Carreno family a great deal. They evacuated their home in the middle of the night after the fire department banged on their door and flames stormed at them from just a few houses away.

Currently, their biggest challenge is to find housing in the price range they can afford ($1,700). There are long wait lists for all rentals and Daysi fears that even if they were first on the list, they would not be able to afford the rent. Immediately, their needs are affordable housing, so they can move out of their cousin's house and money for food and gas.

Daysi (Mom) Age 35, Clothes 10, Shoes 9
A lovely woman who's native language is Spanish. She is quite selfless and has asked for nothing more than the well-being of her daughters during this very difficult time in their young lives. Since they are staying with their cousin, she says they are all set with blankets, clothes and other items as they have no where to put any more donations along those lines. When asked if she needed anything for herself, she said no and even was relunctant to tell me that gift cards might be helpful.

Carlos Torres (Dad) Age 41, Pants 32, Shoes 9 1/2
Carlos works for a silk screen company also in Coffey Park. His biggest fear was that his work would be consumed by flames as his home was. He is just grateful that he still has a job and has gone back to work to try and get his family back up on their feet again.

Ashley Carreno (Daughter) Age 17, Clothes 1, Shoes 7 1/2
Ashley is a smart and athletic girl who loves volleyball. She plays on her school's team in Santa Rosa. Her mom describes her as her "natural and simple" child who likes to play sports and is quite kind and responsible.

Dayren Carreno (Daughter) Age 15, Clothes 3, Shoes 7 1/2
Dayren is also a smart and athletic girl who loves music. She plays the guitar and piano and enjoys volleyball. She loves fancy clothes especially dresses.

Mili Torres (Daughter)- Age 2, Clothes 3, Shoes 9
A spunky and busy 2 year old, Mili doesn't fully get what has transpired in the last few weeks, but does realize that she no longer has any of her favorite toys or books to keep her busy.

Please help us support The Carreno family with donations to the following list of current needs:

  • Gift Cards - clothes, gas, food
  • Cash Donations of any amount
  • Rental recommendations or leads in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Rohnert Park, and Winsor
  • Toys and stuffies for Mili
  • Fancy dress or guitar for Dayren
  • Volleyball or sports related items for Ashley


Their Story:
Daniel works graveyards at River Rock Casino as a supervisor for the slot technicians. He was working the night of the fires. His wife Robyn heard people screaming that there was a fire. She evacuated her son to Daniel's aunt's house, Maria Pellegrini. Unfortunately, that wasn't a great choice as they too had to evacuate their home which was later destroyed by the fires. They are currently on every wait list for an apartment and are now staying in a hotel in Larkspur because it is the closest that they could find that was approved by FEMA. They have not provided me with needs at this time since they are trying to figure out their housing and have no place to store anything.

Robyn Pellegrini (Mom)
A young mom,Robyn loves elephants, arts and crafts and used to work in the wine industry before she decided to stay home with her now six year old son.

Daniel Pellegrini (Dad)
Daniel works in the River Rock Casino and loves soccer. He also enjoys watching sports, especially the 49'ers. He is back to work and is trying to find housing for his family somewhere close to his work. He commutes every day from Larkspur to the River Rock Casino every day to help support his family and get them on the road to recovery.

Gianni Pellegrini (Son)- Age 6
Gianni loves art and sports. He is learning to read and would love to have some books to practice. He used to have a prized rock collection but this was lost in the fires as were his beloved legos and stuffed animal collection.

Please help us support The Pellegrini family with donations to the following list of current needs:

  • Gift Cards - clothes, gas, food
  • Cash Donations of any amount
  • Rental recommendations or leads in or around Santa Rosa
  • Toys, stuffies, legos for Gianni

Have more questions or want to be on our list to receive updates on our families and continue your support as the months progress and their needs change? Email us at info@children4change.org.

We’re all in this together!
Thank you so much for your support!
Every Action Matters When Creating Change for Good!