Children for Change empowers young people to become change-makers
with the knowledge, confidence and empathy
to make a positive impact in their world.


Our youth members are given the facts, challenged to process deeply and inspired to think not only about what exists in our world now, but also about what could be. Emboldened and empowered with this knowledge, empathy takes the reins and change soon follows.



As Change Advocates, our youth members champion, broadcast and support issues they believe in from helping the homeless to fighting for a more sustainable environment for future generations. The voice of our youth is strong, knowledgeable and determined - it’s time for us to listen.


Empowered with a foundation of knowledge and confidence, our youth take informed action by volunteering, fundraising and teaching by example. This activism develops their civic knowledge, builds civic skills and gives them experience working with others for a common cause.



Number of people C4C has engaged in community volunteerism



Number of meals C4C families have cooked, served and enjoyed with people in a homeless situation