Homegrown in Marin County, California, Children for Change offers an integrated in-school program for schools looking to provide service learning across their campus as well as an After School enrichment program to individual families interested in getting involved. C4C Central manages the breadth of the program and serves as a mentor to participating schools. Participating schools receive our unique curiosity-stirring, empathy-rousing curriculum, and program and may gain access to our carefully curated and meaningful community family volunteering opportunities.


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Let’s face it.  We’re proud of what we’re doing.  Our carefully crafted curriculum and unique service learning program is youth-driven, inclusive, effective and fun.  What’s more, our research with our members shows that we’re meeting our mission to empower young people. We’ve designed our program to be “plug and play” at other schools and welcome the opportunity to see how we can work together.  Email our Executive Director for more information. 

C4C has made me a better person.  I have always struggled to make sure I keep a good balance of caring for myself and caring for others.  C4C made me realize I didn’t have to worry about that, that if I take care of others I will be taking care of myself."

Ella Furuichi, C4C Student since 2016