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  • Project-based learning
  • Empathy and kindness development
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  • Community building
  • Youth and family activism and advocacy
  • Cultivated, contextualized and curated volunteer opportunities
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Donations are accepted all year long and any amount no matter how small, is meaningful.  Children for Change is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible. Our EIN number is 81-4336837.

Annelise's Fund

Annelise Bauer is stepping down as Executive Director of Children for Change, after ten years of amazing leadership and growing the C4C community. You are invited to make a donation in her honor in a denomination of 10, for the ten years that C4C has been around making a positive impact in the community. Any amount is welcome and will be put to good use towards sustaining and growing C4C's programs.

Help us reach more students

Children for Change empowers young people to be leaders of change, play an active role in their community and amplify their voices in issues that affect them. School funding for our programs are in short supply and yet- we have more youth than ever wanting to start Children for Change in their schools.

Be a part of the movement that brings Children for Change to hundreds of more youth. We are raising funds to expand into 4 schools. This pays for the teaching materials, mentoring and community service engagement for student leaders to facilitate C4C, alongside faculty advisors.

Your contribution will have a rippling impact–not only on the young students doing good work, but on the broader community who they serve. Whether you donate $5 or $2500, every little bit helps!

Meet some of the young leaders who have risen to the challenge of leading C4C at their schools.


Meet Emma

It’s empowering to step into the spotlight,” shared 8th grader Emma McFerron who co-leads the Children for Change Club at White Hill Middle School. Emma has been a passionate participant in C4C since 3rd grade, and says she doesn’t really remember a time when C4C wasn’t in her life. Emma changed her family’s environmental footprint after learning about the impacts of food consumption on climate change, and advocates for others with care and generosity.

As an avid volunteer in the community and a Youth Advisor on the C4C Board, Emma’s next step was to lead the C4C club at her middle school. “I didn’t really think about the leadership piece until it actually happened. Then I was in front of my peers like, ‘Oh shoot, can I do this?’ After preparing with C4C Teacher Advisors on teaching materials and receiving mentoring and teaching tips, Emma jumped in to co-lead her successful first meeting. She quickly realized, “For sure we can do this!

She is finding that a “leader is someone with confidence who has the ability to get people thinking without giving answers–more of a teacher but teachers are leaders who empower everyone.” Emma aims to start the first-ever student-led C4C Club at Archie Williams when she gets there next year, and hopes to do so in collaboration with many fellow students.

Meet Eloise

Eloise believes a leader is “someone who curates other leaders and creates possibilities.” As a 6th grader at Del Mar Middle School, she successfully advocated for and established the first Children for Change Club at her school. Recruiting two of her peers to co-lead and a teacher sponsor, Eloise developed a year-long club dedicated to impacting the dynamic world.


As a result of Eloise laying the groundwork, even though she’s graduated from Del Mar, she passed the torch down to other student leaders who continue the lunchtime club and the teacher advisor has worked to integrate C4C into 6th and 7th grade advisory classes at Del Mar.

When asked what makes Children for Change different from other extra-curriculars, Eloise shared, “C4C is really different because the power dynamic is different. You don’t feel like a child. My voice was really heard. C4C taught me to question, helped me formulate my beliefs, and helped foster me as a leader.

Further, she remarked that C4C is unique in that it opened doors for her budding voice and activism. Eloise’s passion and leadership, stirred and supported by experiences with C4C, have allowed her to grow as a young leader and effect change with a big national platform as she develops new love for film-making for a cause.


Meet Ella

C4C is an empowering program that gave me a voice and helped me realize that I can make a difference,'' says Ella.

When Ella joined Children for Change in 2016, she was a 4th grader looking to join a “spirit club” at school. Little could she know that five years later, as a freshman in high school, she would still be an active participant and a mentor for budding change-makers in the Children for Change after-school program.

As an active participant in C4C during elementary and middle schools, Ella was a huge contributor in club meetings, volunteered with frequency in the community, and sat on the California Film Institute’s “Just Eat It” movie discussion panel to talk about food waste as the student’s voice. Remembering the experience of the panel, Ella recalls, “There I was, sitting on a stage in front of grown adults and I was more informed than they were. It was crazy. It was so cool to be an expert.”

It was her curiosity, poise, and drive that led to Ella’s invitation to the stage but she remembers, “I had multiple meetings with C4C Teacher Advisors in preparation for the panel. Their kindness and support is something I will never forget. They were a big propeller in my life.”

She shared that extracurriculars like dance or music allow someone to work hard to achieve something for their personal growth. But what Ella finds unique about Children for Change is that “It’s not just to make me a better person. We’re helping others and helping things bigger than ourselves. I learned that I am a part of a community and have been able to ingrain that in other places in my life.”

C4C Founders’ Circle

You can be a part of the Founders’ Circle with a minimum donation of $1,000. Our Founders’ Circle brings together like-minded leaders and philanthropists in support of Children for Change’s current and future growth.  We invite you to join us on the ground floor as Children for Change’s innovative, experiential learning program expands to meet the demonstrated need in our community and beyond.

“My son told me it made his heart feel good to help.”

- Kendra Gilberd after volunteering at The Chaplaincy Dinner, Winter 2018